Training For Change

Training for Change is a training and capacity building organization that builds from the wisdom of people’s everyday lived experiences. They reach thousands of activists and organizers across North America, internationally, and across sectors social justice and radical change.

Setting the Stage:

When Training for Change first came to us for a website re-design, we were in awe of just how much information they had. Everything from group facilitation to campaign strategy was housed on their website, and we knew each of these tools needed a place to call home. We organized, designed, and reached out to local artist, Xio Lugo, to complete what we call the training tool library. Xio created culturally resonating icons for each category, while we developed an easy-to-use system for finding the right tools fast.

Logo Refresh:

We redesigned their logo with a simple but effective word-mark.

Style Tiles + Mockups:

We narrowed down our mockup designs to two clear directions for the site. In the end, we melded the best of both worlds to develop a single visual system that is compelling, lively and easy to update.

Unique Features:

Training for Change also stressed the importance of outreach and their info-packed events, so we wanted to make those a priority too. Our solution: a moving widget that showcased each of Training for Change’s upcoming events and could easily scroll along the page or quickly close for a clean user experience.

Iconography System:

We worked with the talented local artist Xio Lugo to design custom icons to bring their text-heavy content to life.

The Solution:

Upon timely completion of our work with Training for Change, they were able to present their new website just in time for their fundraiser, Thrive Drive. Training for Change not only met their yearly goal but exceeded it, (Hooray!) and we brought on the talented Xio as an in-house designer and official Story 2 member. Thank you Training for Change, and congratulations on reaching your fundraising goals!

“We could feel you trying to understand us on our own terms, rather than tell us who we are or what to say. We appreciated the consistent notes, follow-up emails, and how the process was sharp and effective, including the timeline and tasks lists.”

– Celia Kutz & Zein Nakhoda, Co-Directors

Got Green Seattle

Got Green is a South Seattle-based, grassroots organization led by people of color and low income people. They organize for environmental, racial, and economic justice with an intersectional lens.

Setting the Stage:

We wanted to give Got Green a brand refresh to keep up with their multigenerational leadership, help them shine in a way that would attract future funders, and make their community proud.

We knew Got Green wanted to make a statement with their home page that spoke to their communities and funders. Something bold. Something meaningful. So we collaborated with local artivist (artist and activist) and Got Green volunteer, Henry Luke, to craft a series of visuals that told the story of exclusion, displacement, and disposal. To tie all of our imagery together, Henry created an evocative home page graphic that captured the pride and strength of Got Green’s community.

Unique Features:

We helped craft and amplify a powerful story by collaborating with Henry Luke, a local  artist, activist and Got Green volunteer.

Print Graphics:

Over the years, we have embarked on several other Quests with Got Green, designing engaging mailers, annual reports and other graphic materials.

Marketing Strategy:

We worked with Got Green on their 10 Year Anniversary campaign. Through group exercises and brainstorms, we helped them craft the perfect theme: Rooted In Power.

The Solution:

Since our initial partnership with Got Green, we’ve had many more projects with them. Now their annual reports possess lively graphics in addition to exciting data, and their mailers are tiny works of art. We’ve even flexed our marketing skills for the tenth year of their anniversary campaign, working through group exercises and brainstorms having plenty of fun along the way.

We’re so happy to say Got Green now has a thriving visual identity. We’d like to say special thanks to Henry Luke, and of course, thank you to Got Green. Keep doing amazing work!

“One of our green-a-thon teams was able to secure a pledge of $20/month from someone, the donor then looked at our website and was so blown away that he decided to become a sustainer at $80/month. Suffice it to say, people are in love with our website and are dramatically increasing their support because of it.”

– Sean O’Neill, Development Director

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