What We’re All About

We are a people-of-color-led, worker-owned design cooperative dedicated to providing the creative muscle for people, projects, and organizations walking a path toward a more just and thriving planet. We specialize in communications strategy, web design, development, and graphic design. Our work is driven by a process of strategic thinking, deep collaboration, and user-centered design.

Roxanne Franck


Dante Garcia

Xio Lugo

Gabe Young

Cooper Eaton

Roxanne Franck

President, Chief Financial Officer, Project Manager & Content Strategist
“I am a total nerd for systems.”

I bring five years of the best tools and practices from the corporate world. I have always found myself working with complex processes involving many moving parts, and I love seeing projects smoothly move through a pipeline. As a project manager, I help clients feel at ease with clear communication around expectations and project timelines. I always get life from analytics, so when I give digestible data reports and action plans to our clients I can literally see the light bulbs going off in their heads and it’s just the best feeling for me. 🙂I also have a background as a writer and producer for the screen and stage so I’m thrilled to exercise my creativity here at Story 2.

Favorite bubble tea flavor: Mango, hold the tapioca balls pls.

Dante Garcia

Chief Outreach Officer, Strategist, Designer & Facilitator
“Let’s geek out on this!”

I’m a self-taught designer and strategist who grew up organizing spaces, learning to run meetings, set goals, navigate group dynamics. I started my first company screen printing personal and political art in high school, and in college, I studied civic intelligence, co-ran a community house, organized two clubs, and worked on crafting and shaping legislation on campus. I’ve confronted fossil fuel projects to make direct action a more normative political tool, garnered national attention to build up the climate change movement, and I’ve received a certificate for creative facilitation from Partners in Youth Empowerment’s Heart of Facilitation program. After two years of resistance work, I sought to take on an endeavor that was generative and imaginative — welcoming the birth of Story 2. My favorite part of Story 2’s process is sitting down with community members and clients, unpacking what’s on the table, sussing out what success is, and creating a clearing for possibility, inspiration and ‘ahas’ to take flight.

Favorite bubble tea flavor: Taro milk tea.

Cooper Eaton

Chief of Operations & Designer
“My favorite part of the process — puzzle solving!”

I helped start Story 2 and have a background in art and design. After college, I spent my time pursuing freelance gigs in video production before landing a full-time position with a graphic design agency. At Story 2, I spend most of my time examining our research and implementing design solutions, but I also get to deepen my technical skills around programming and coding. As Chief of Operations, I ensure our team sticks to our process but my favorite part of the process is taking research from our user experience studies to uncover blind spots and find potential solutions to them.

Favorite bubble tea flavor: Sour apple with lychee bits.

Gabe Young

Chief Technical Officer, Occasional Cleaner & Project Manager
“I love the sense of accomplishment.”

I am a developer who has worked on projects both big and small. My strength is categorizing and abstracting real-world problems into digital solutions, and I’ve spent years tinkering and solving different problems. I love celebrating the completion of our projects and that comes from knowing we produce good work. I also like reflecting on the ways in which we have grown as an organization and as individuals in our own problem solving. I’m the Chief Technical Officer, but I play a variety of roles from daily cleaning, to brainstorming and helping out with project management.

Favorite bubble tea flavor: Honey Jasmin.

Xio Lugo

Visual + UX Designer
“I’m motivated by storytelling.”

At Story 2, I’m a visual and user experience designer, but in the past, I’ve worked as a freelance designer and illustrator. I’m motivated by storytelling and opportunities to make a positive social impact through design and enjoy bringing my past experience into my process. As a freelance designer, I’ve done everything from book and packaging design to branding and identity. I enjoy the collaborative process of helping my clients develop visual identities that reflect their internal mission and values. While freelancing, I missed collaborating with other creatives in my industry throughout the design process and at Story 2 I get to have just that. I’m a graduate of Seattle Central’s Creative Academy with a degree in graphic design. I also possess an educational background in the social sciences, language, and fine art. Aside from my romance with illustration, I pursued graphic design because it introduces me to clients from different industries, with fresh passions, experience, and expertise.

Favorite bubble tea flavor: Strong coffee.

Our Process

We iterate, listen, learn, and create — applying our ingenuity and best practices to not just make websites, but tell stories that help achieve organizational goals.

You can count on us to keep minutes, move along processes, and provide clear, written expectations for what your team and our’s are responsible for.

Our full-time team is dedicated to you from project beginning to end, and are easily reached via Slack, Skype, and email for follow-up questions.

If you’d like to see a more detailed outline of our process, please send a message to info@story2designs.com fo a PDF copy.

Our Origin Story

Story 2 comes from this little diagram, two story arcs, and many big ideas that put you at the center of change.

This story arc represents the current status quo. We call it story one and it is what many of us work against every single day. It manifests as fossil fuel energies and colonialism. It’s false and forced dichotomies, rigid ideologies, and single solutions that are not healthy or sustainable.

So what comes after story one? We think you already have the answer. You, and many others who are already doing the work, embodying your values, all while existing and resisting.

Today we have the choice to chase what is living, what is growing, what is emerging — this is what we call Story 2. The Story 2 arc embraces complexity and the unknown. It is holistic, generative, open, and abundant like a thriving garden filled with your favorite fruits and veggies.

Story 2 exists to center people, communities, and organizations that relentlessly pursue life, love, and justice.

People like you that recognize real issues with systems of the past — and all of us who are innovating and nurturing a way for a better future.