A dreamy hand-drawn starry ocean scene featuring the seven co-op members from Story 2 Designs with golden design-inspired tools floating in the water such as an ink pen tip, a cursor, and a paragraph symbol. The ocean has a medium current with gentle to lively waves churning about the illustration. Atop the waves of the ocean is the Story 2 logo in the shape of a sparsely-leafed, but strong, tree with a staircase on the left side and the top of the staircase ascending into puffy clouds. The Story 2 co-op members are nestled in various parts of the tree, climbing the staircase, peacefully resting, looking out, and two of the co-op members are gleefully riding a boat that dips through the loop of the tree's base into the water. The parallax stars in the backdrop resemble firefly-like dots and gently sway in the back of the illustration.


We are Story 2 Designs. We’re a worker and POC-led co-op.
We make digital + print creations and websites that move people.

What We Do

We amplify your story through powerful visuals and meaningful graphics. 

We center people with in-depth reports unique to your communities. 

We are intentional in our process, research, identity systems, and narrative strategy. 

We work with social justice organizations, progressive nonprofits, culture makers, and artists.

We make transformation irresistible!

An overhead image of a dark wood desk. A light-skinned person is writing in a planner with an open laptop, tablet,  and a stack of books nearby.

10 Mindful questions to determine if your organization needs a new website.

An overhead image of a dark wood desk. A light-skinned person is writing in a planner with an open laptop, tablet,  and a stack of books nearby.

Before You Go Into Hyperspace…

Make a virtual pit stop on The Digital Manatee and explore the intersections of design & social transformation.

How to Write Kickass CTAs for Your Organization

Read Time: 18 min. We all know the anatomy of a good CTA: It must be short (retaining our audience’s attention), it must be emotive (we’re all humans and we’re emotionally driven creatures!), and it must use action words, e.g. Donate, Support, Subscribe, etc.. The most successful ones include visual design and illustration work that complement the copywriting.

Websites Are Like Houses: They Don’t Live Forever! ?

Read Time: 5 min. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t just make a website and be on your merry way, this is the place for you. I used to think that if I made a website I could just ask someone (really anyone with design or tech skills) to make it and then my website...

How We Navigate Equity

We are a people of color-led, queer-owned design cooperative. Our cooperative is co-owned by each of the 5 members who also work as full-time staff. 4 out of 5 of us are people of color, 2 of us are queer, 1 of us is non-binary, and 2 of us are women. Those are just our most salient identities as some of us have invisible disabilities, some of us come from blue-collar, working-class backgrounds, and the majority of us are children of immigrants and veterans. 

Our lives and histories are intersectional. We come from inequity. We started this cooperative as a way for us as marginalized people to begin building equity between ourselves. We knew we needed to do something different in the world—and in the digital and print landscape. We needed to use our expertise to help those who are already doing the work of transforming the world for those who are the most vulnerable. As a creative agency, we know how important it is to partner with clients that hold people over profit who continue to choose care and compassion over capital.

Our cooperative is intentionally designed to begin negating capitalism that is rooted in sexism, racism, homophobia, and ableism. Our work demonstrates that we engage with clients who are committed to negating and ending violence in its many forms. 

Because of the nature of our identities, our communities, and the way we understand our world, we are committed to fighting for a just and equitable world both online and offline. This is how we embody equity.

Five of our co-op members are posing for a photo with quirky, design-inspired props. Left to right: Cooper, Gabe, Roxanne, Xio, and Dante.

Our Work

Get an up-close view of our web design solutions and tricks — as well as our clients’ amazing work.

National Lawyers Guild




Peoples Economy Lab


Our Clients

Often, our clients are also our community members, friends, and fellow organizers. But we’ll just call them clients here!

Got Green
The Wildfire Project
City of Seattle
Communities of Opportunity
Resource Generation
Eyes on Fremont
Resource Media
Seattle Good Business
119W SEIU Healthcare United for Quality Care
Climate Justice Alliance: Communities United for a Just Transition
Center for Story-Based Strategy: Where Imagination Builds Power
Training for Change
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